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LOUISA LOVE (b. 1991 Dover, UK. Based Edinburgh, UK)

is a contemporary artist working experimentally across sound, music, sculpture, installation, writing and performance to explore expanded notions of voice. 

Her practice is particularly concerned with the instability and multiplicity of the individual voice and how this is performed/negotiated across language, objects, spaces, technologies and bodies.

With an increasing focus on sound and orality and their various material resonances, she works rhizomatically to find modes of articulation for the unsettled relationships between aspects of matter, language and affectivity. 

Currently there is a thinking around how musicality and poetic structures that emerge from the movements between writing, thinking, speaking and making play into these spatial workings, often focused through shifting multi-narrative and multi-channel audio visual environments, sound works, writings and performances.

Work also takes an interest in collaborative and curatorial practices whereby research and production are explored through dialogue and experimentation within activity such as organising, writing, thinking and communicating. 

From 2013-15 Louisa was part of Collaborative Research Group, an interregional post-academic research, education and curatorial programme running from CRATE in Margate, Kent.


Since October 2018 Louisa has worked collaboratively with Clive McLachlan Powell as 

Edinburgh-based sound art duo OOR_Scintilla.


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