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LOUISA LOVE is an Edinburgh-based artist and creative producer working experimentally in sound, music, performance, sculptural practice and collaborative/curatorial activity to explore expanded notions of voice. 


Her multifarious practice is concerned with the intersections of thoughts, things, place, affectivity and their various modes of transmission. In recent years, this has come to be focused within the field of sound and experimental audio composition, working responsively with specific contexts or environments and through various improvisational processes to investigate sound and the human voice as intimate physical material.

The instability of the individual voice, the multichannel nature of the thinking-doing body and subsequent poetic collapses in meaning are central to Louisa's work. She is increasingly interested in sounding and listening as a kind of archaeological research - a means to move beyond words or cohesive thought to find the enigmatic connections between people/bodies, nature, land and their specific histories, qualities and stories.

Louisa's work also takes an interest in collaborative and curatorial practices whereby research and production are explored through dialogue and experimentation within activity such as organising, writing, thinking and communicating. Through her personal and creative upbringing on the Kentish/south east coast of England, including work with numerous regional organisations, Louisa maintains a strong interest in the role of place in identity and the cultivation of long-term relationships as a basis for creative place-making, agency and community.

From 2013-15 Louisa was part of Collaborative Research Group, an interregional post-academic research, education and curatorial programme running from CRATE in Margate, Kent. 


She is a former committee member of Embassy Gallery in Edinburgh and has worked as a director of Dover Arts Development (DAD) with Joanna Jones & Clare Smith.

Since 2018, she mostly works collaboratively with Clive McLachlan Powell as Edinburgh-based sound artist duo OOR_Scintilla.

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